Pretty much every one of you seeing this page have been to Newton Bike Shop or have stayed in our bicycle hostel and enjoyed the best we could offer for hospitality and bike service since 2012. 

Some of you have had your bike serviced for less, purchased a bike from NBS, used us as a R&R point during your weekly cycling trips, or even stayed overnight inside the shop in our cyclist only hostel as you rested from a long day of cross country cycling on the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail. A few of you are planning to visit NBS in 2016 because you heard of us from other cyclists who have already been here or maybe saw us in the movie Inspired To Ride. Either way, Newton Bike Shop has been a staple to our community, providing affordable bike sales and service to Newton and surrounding communities for going on four years. 

During that time, we have taken care of hundreds of cyclists from all around the world - movie stars, rock stars, engineers, scientists, surgeons, college professors, teachers, business owners, students, charity groups and everyday folks. The touring cyclists provide a huge amount of commerce for our community by spending at locally owned restaurants, small stores, grocery outlets, coffee shops and local businesses. Our desire has always been to provide them an affordable and fun place to stay the night, so they can enjoy Newton for a few days. Because of our desire to serve our community and those who visit Newton on their bikes, we have out grown our current space.

We have become known worldwide as the "Oasis In The Grass Desert". Google it. With that said, we have one question.

Would you give up 1 lunch out or 2 cups of coffee this week?

What if it only took $10 to make a big change?

Why just ten dollars? Well just 5 months ago, we started the process of purchasing the remaining 2/3's of our current building. With our building purchase recently final, we now have the opportunity to expand our 7 bed hostel to a 21 bed hostel, with showers, bathrooms, kitchen and laundry facilities. Expanding our hostel takes it out of our bike shop, allowing our shop to perform more efficient bike service, and a bigger, separate hostel gives our guests more room, real beds and more amenities to help make their stay one of the most memorable on their journey. 

But historical buildings often come with extra unexpected costs, like having to replace all plumbing pipes, water lines, sewer lines and AC systems to insure a safe clean place for our guests and customers. In the last few days, we have discovered that to be up to code, healthy and safe for our guests and customers, we need to address these issues quickly - and much of it we have already.

 So how can you help us for just ten bucks?

Well, we've figured out that if every one of you seeing this message donated just $10.00 we could grow into our new space quickly and be ready in time for the 2016 season.


You helping with any amount means we get to finally create the much needed separate space of AWESOMENESS, for the hundreds of cycling guests who plan to stay with us each season and enjoy the 12 blocks of Newton’s commerce for a couple of days on their trip across America.

That means…no more air mattresses on the floor.  No more tripping over bags and bikes everywhere.  No more having to send our guests somewhere else to shower!

Construction has begun, but...

Time and resources are SHORT!

Time is not on our side due to circumstances beyond our control.  That means, we need to raise another $15000 in the next 7 days to fully finish and furnish the new and improved Oasis in the Grass Desert bicycle hostel before we are flooded with guests.

All of you helped make us the #1 spot on the TransAmerica Trail and we want to stay that way!

Many of you know our passion first hand.  Many of you follow us on social media and have seen the challenges and the successes of our growth.  Many of you we consider our friends from around the world.  We are asking for your help so we can keep on our mission of providing low cost, top notch bicycle service and hospitality.

We honestly can’t do it without your help. 

Yes, you read that right.  We can’t supply a bigger and better bicycle hostel without your help.  We are tapped out of resources and man power.  We have given all we can and without reservation and now, we need YOU!

You see, being a part of your journey and the journey of those to come is what fuels our passion.  
Will you help shoulder the burden?

With just $10 from each of you, we can reach our goal in one short week.

Let's get down and do this!

Just $10…


In addition, if you have a special skill in construction, plumbing, electrical, woodworking, etc., we could use your help to save in costs.  Do you have the ability to get supplies at contractor prices?  Get in touch with us to help that way. We are currently using local contractors and could use help from others.

As always, we are thankful for those of you who continually support us in our mission.  You are the backbone of what 
keeps us going during the hard and trying times.  Thank you!

We'll Keep You Up To Date With Our Progress Below And On Our Facebook Page.

You've Helped Raise $2290 of $15000!

To all who have frequented our store, helped in any way, or stayed with us we thank you for being a part of our mission!

The NBS Team